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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sunday, April 29, 2007
asar & wed preps

aynako, i was happy that i finally had my wpress blog set up in my own domain BUT it was ALL gone now cry, i wonder when will i finally be able to install it myself.cry

anyways, i'm still happy though that i have my original bdrive and multiply account ahahha Smile

for wedding updates, we're slowly getting everything done na! sarap ng feeling, especially when i see the outcome of my (our) hard work! haaayyy! i already took a shot of the candle i made but wasn't able to upload the pics yet, probably later i'll insert it here, so for now visit my multiply account.

a few more things i need to get done asap:

  • behbe tux
  • entou's gown (ate edith, our tailor, bought a different color of fabric, of course i had to ask her change it) haayyy
  • our RING (yep, we don't have one yet but we already chose a design and a while ago, i distributed it to different jewelry shops to gimme a quote)
  • behbe and my bridal shoes
  • get other statio printed (misallette, guestsheets, table nos. -- all DIYed by me)
  • gift wrap all our souvenirs, buy groceries then send the cargo to pinas (MUST reach within 30 days)
  • practice our First Dance
  • buy my bridal accessories
  • marriage docs here in Dubai (marriage bann, precana seminar & certificate of freedom to marry)

hmmm that's quite a few more task, but i'm sure i'll (we'll) manage it!Wink we'll be home in a month's time...weeeeehh excited!

i'm so happy with our souvenir..yey! a personalised framed 7 sands of UAE, ofcourse since we met, fell in love and will reside here, we wanted to share a piece of the land to our guest, naks! though a lot are WANTING to immitate my souvenir, kebs na lang basta AKO original! hmf!Hurmph...jOke lang!Tongue we bought 125 pcs of this. by the way, 50% of the expense for our souvenir is c/o my cousin-bridesmaid, Thea.

more pics at my multiply.

will try to update this every now and then, jeez nilulumot na eh!Wink

Saturday, March 24, 2007
i'm back..

...to the blogworld!

I missed this! I haven't got the time to blog in the past few weeks? months? mainly because i'm obviously focusing on the wedding preps. Well, so far, so good. It's just moolah is little by little paving goodbye to our bank accounts.Shocked suuuppeeerr mahal mgpakasal ahahhahah so you guys better save NOW Tongue

Yesterday was a tiring day for us, our w@wie friends Lei and Randy, volunteered to shoot us another preNup for FREE. Yey! excited, we set our sched at 0600 hrs, but as usual I woke up late, so we reach their place half past 6 already. By 0700 hrs, we were at the beach (burj area), shooting. All pics came out natural which i like coz it's not the usual posing - posing churva, they're not professionals, (lei is still learning photography) but the shots are really really really good. In fact i like it more than the first shoot I had with the ex-photographer i hired.

anyway, a few samples below...i already played with photoshop and added one-liners..Big Smile

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

ang cute diba?! parang professional ang kumuha hehehehe

after the shoot, we had breakfast at chowking then we dropped them home for they still have a photography seminar and behbe needs to attend his confirmation seminar too, I on the otherhand, went home to clean the car..after an hour and a half, i picked up behbe then went straight to MOE to see the movie, Ghost Rider.. wOw! the movie was sooooo nice, i so love Nicolas Cage, hehehe galing galing! I don't think any other actor can fit to portray that role..he's old but he still has the appeal!Wink 

around 4pm, we met with Lei and Randy again..we went to Uptown as promised, while behbe and randy worked out, nagbabad naman kme ni Lei sa super cold pool, talking about life and our partnersss hehehehe shhhhh! t'was a tiring but really fun weekend.

we'll have another shoot next week, can't wait!

Saturday, February 17, 2007
kumusta naman?

ang vday nio?Smile

Mine is just like the usual weekend, behbe really doesn't make surprises or the oh-so-sweety-stuff during this type of event. the only difference is that i had a bouquet of flowers & a box of choclits..Tongue

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingWe just had dinner at Chop Chop, a Thai Restau in MOE. I had to choose to go there coz it's the nearest and away from traffic dining place. VDay falls on weekdays, and that means, traffic! haayy i honestly don't know what's happening here in Dubai, everything is being renovated hence the cause of traffic. Am just hoping that the Dubai Metro they're building will solve this huge problem.

Anyways, back to the VDay kuento, Behbe apparently reserved a seat for us at one of the fine restaus here for a weekend dinner, since it's our 3 years 11 monthsary 2 days after the vday. BUT when he told me about it, I had to decline hehehe not that i don't want to, but i thought 'sayang naman', next month is our 4th Year Anniv., so don na lang kme gumastos ng malaki hehehehWink

On my part, I always give something naman, sweet ako eh! hahhaha I think of what he really wants then if budget permits, I buy whatever that is..heheh

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

as far as i know, he enjoyed what he got! his fave choclits & a batt pack for his psp.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007
new home

mejo okei na po ang site..eheh so far..so visit it po.. www.ricoemtee.com, am trying to insert a blog para don na din lahat ehheheh..mahirap madaming bahay eh! Tongue

i'll update it once in a while so do visit us once in a while..

Monday, February 05, 2007

up and running na un site - www.ricoemtee.com but the font i used do not show up in all pc's Angry am panget tuloy ng itsura Sad

sino kaya magaling sa webdesign jan an mabait na makaktulong sken?! Big Smile


to follow my previous entry, OUT na ang maldives, kse i checked online, whilst actually i exchanged emails with yenBig Smile eh bagyo naman pala don during July, so totally out na yun dahil ayoko matsunami just in case ehheheBig Smile

my ex-classmate living in Italy, suggested a visit there too, ehehhe so ang dami ko na tlagang naiisip at gulong gulo na ako buahahahah pero sounds good din since naisip ko na rin yun before eheheh Italy = Pasta! buahahaha food ang naisip ko hindi honeymOon bueheheeh

we'll see..i'll let you guys know!Wink

Sunday, January 28, 2007
OLA blogmates!

forgive my hibernating for sooooo long! Big Smile am really really really busy with the wedding preps..barely 5 months, actually am not counting june kse i'll be in pinas na that time and i don't want to stress myself with the wedding stuff pgdating ng month na yun! ha! wish me luck!

atleast we accomplished something..tapos na un invite ko! yahooooOOOoo DIYed project ko un, ofcourse with a HUGE help from, erm NO not behbe ehhehe but my good friends Rolls & Teej..gleng gleng! i'll post the pics when our very own wedsite is up and running, Wink (www.ricoemtee.com) nope! don't check it yet, i haven't bought the domain hahaha but that was save, siguro naman walng ganyang name! ehehhe that's another thing that is keeping me busy, am doing our site through front page, a little help from professionals out there will be gladly appreciated, ehhehe PM nio ko dali!

tapos na din un Missallette, a little adjustments na lang, since na check na din siya ng Officiatng Priest namen, si Fr. Emil na super kind, imagine he's the first one to give us our wedding gift! ayeeee..secret muna ano yun, you'll see when i post here the liturgical entourage ahhahahah

hmmm so now we're focusing on the gowns for the entou na, gOodness di pa nasisimulan ehehe pero okei lang malayo pa DAW sbe ng tailor, next month we'll start buying na the accessories, which i want to Do-It-Yourself as well, the chord, candle, unity coin, garter, souvenir and OMG we haven't bought our RINGS yet, goOOdness!Surprise hahaha i just remembered! that's one to add pa..haaayyy i still have a lot more to do!Shocked

dear blogmates, help naman, suggest naman kau san okei mghoneymOon! ehhhe we're confused of where to go, pramis!Shocked

1st Plan : Singapore - BKK - KualaLumpur - Indonesia

2nd Plan: Paris (ha! hope budget permits, but his Aunt, one of our PS is the one who suggested we go and visit her there)

3rd Plan: USA (disNey land --> every childhood's dream, best time as well to visit friends and families)

hmmmmm but with all the expenseseseses we have now, can we really have a romantic honeymOon in our dream destination?! hmmmm nuninuninuni suggestions are welcome!Big Smile

where in the world can we find a romantic not-so-expensive-place?!

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